AC 9: Rockland 2002

The 2002 Contest headed west and was held in the USA for the first time since the inaugural 1986 Atlantic Challenge. The town of Rockland, Maine hosted the event, which included the new Atlantic Challenge nations of Belgium and Indonesia for the first time. They were joined by several community boats from France and a gig representing the state of Maine, bringing the number in the fleet to thirteen, a great increase on the seven boats that had competed throughout the 1990s. The Irish gig Unite finished in first place, and Integrite‘s crew produced a strong showing to take the UK to fifth place in the newly expanded Atlantic Challenge fleet.

UK Crew: Julian Whitewright, Crispin Cutting, Charlie Damon, Laura Davies, Diane Davis, James Dennison, Faye Donnelly, Terri Ferris, James Fletcher, Lindsay Gittins, Owain Matthews, Michael McAllister, Martyn Pegg, Ali Rossi, Sam Shohet, Stuart Staples, Tom Williams, Alice Wilson.