Our Crew

Integrite has taken part in Atlantic Challenge since 1992. First of all with a team drawn from across the UK, and from the 2010 contest with a team from just Great Britain (Northern Ireland are now International Members in their own right).

Throughout this time, it has always been our belief that the team of young people that travels to Atlantic Challenge should represent the whole of the UK/GB, rather than just a single town or city. Therefore, our teams for the contest have always been drawn from England, Scotland and Wales (and Northern Ireland from 1992 to 2008).

ACGB crew practicing rowing skills on board Integrite in Portland harbour, during training for the 2018 contest.

Atlantic Challenge has an emphasis on youth and young people. Accordingly, at least half the squad is 22 years old or younger, and the minimum age is 16. We also do our best to take a team with a roughly equal gender split between men and women, although this is not an official Atlantic Challenge International requirement.

Finally, we have a belief that we have a duty to pass on the seamanship skills to use the Bantry Bay gigs that our crews have learnt and developed over the years. So we do not restrict the number of times an individual takes part, allowing their experience to be passed onto others as they assume greater responsibility with each passing contest. At the same time, we want to see new people in the gigs and so we actively encourage people to apply for Atlantic Challenge who have little or no experience of rowing or sailing, alongside those who come from an established rowing, sailing or boatbuilding background.