AC 11: Genoa 2006

The 2006 Contest was held in Italy for the first time, visiting the historic port of Genoa. The traditional July date of the Contest meant that on-water conditions were challenging, with light winds and high temperatures. For the first time, the UK competed in the Northern Irish gig Harmonie. The Irish gig Unite emerged as the overall winner, with Canada second in Tenacite and the UK in Harmonie finishing in third place.

UK Crew: Michael McAllister, Rob Hunt, Patrick Black, James Dennison, Nicky Dennison, Niall Donnelly, Terri Ferris, Victoria Hunt, Emily McAllister, Katie McAllister, Owain Matthews, Andrew Miller, Charlotte Machon, Gareth Parkes, Rachael Peoples, Megan Siddall, Tristan Williams.